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Sammamish High School Field 1
To get to the fields, you need to walk around the left side of the football field.
Directions: From I-405, take the NE 8th St exit heading east. Turn right on 140th Ave NE, and go to main. The High School is across the street on the left.
Lights: None (no 8:30pm games)
Outfield: 280 feet throughout the outfield. Fence 5'9" tall.
Infield: 105 feet at the lines, 121 feet at second base.
Foul Territory: 18 feet of foul territory throughout. Fences 3'10" high along the outfield.
Backstop: Not very much room back there-only 18 feet total.
Infield: The infield is pretty good, and there aren't a lot of rocks, but you still will get the occasional bad hop.
Outfield: The outfield is.
Dugout: The dugouts are small and can be crowded, but they're covered which is nice when there's a drizzle.
Sun: The sun can be a factor to the 1B and RF in late afternoon and early evening games.
Rain: The field is fair at water drainage and is subject to average rainout likelihood.
Area: Both Sammamish fields frequently have high school softball or baseball games or practices that can go right up until 6:00pm. If they're not off by 6pm, call Dave Ravet at the BB/SAA administrative office. There's not a lot of room to warm up if the fields are in use. Don't worry about a foul ball or home run hitting your car-it's a good walk from the parking lot to the fields. As with any school park, be especially careful to obey traffic laws in the area.
Notes: SAM1 is usually used by the lower divisions due to the short outfield fence.
Area View


Field view


Pitcher's Point of View


1st Base Dugout


3rd Base Dugout


Behind the Plate


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