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An Eastside/Bellevue Adult Softball League
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How can I contact BB/SAA?

General Information/Questions
BB/SAA Facebook Page
BB/SAA Board
Website Problems/Feedback

Is my game rained out?

Bellevue Parks 425-452-4860
(after 3 pm weekdays and after 7 am and noon on weekends)
Marymoor Park 206-205-6722 followed by: After 3pm weekdays Weekends updates are posted at 7am (and noon and 3:00pm if conditions change).

King County also offers a website and app for checking the status of fields (
30 For field #3
31 For field #4
33 For field #6
34 For field #7
35 For field #8

Game Time Issues

Late or no show umpires 425-293-6673
Bellevue Parks Lighting Failure/Trouble 425-452-2864 (Voicemail)

Bellevue Parks Field Problems

(Hidden Valley/Highland Park)

(Resource Mgmt. Answering Service)
Marymoor Lighting Failure/Trouble 206-225-8936
Marymoor Park Field Problems 206-669-8931
(on-site crew weekdays until 9 pm)

Where do I report scores or rainouts?

Reporting Scores and Rainouts Online

Need to schedule a field for Practices?

Bellevue Parks Department
Marymoor Scheduling Office