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C4 Standings

Numbers in parenthesis (if any) represent how many of a team's losses are due to unreported scores.
1Pauley Ball200
3Bat Intentions110
4Shotguns and Showels110
5Orange Square Bombers110
7New Life020

Dreadsox leads Bat Intentions due to run differential.

Shotguns and Showels leads Orange Square Bombers due to run differential.

1 Mon7/8/20246:00 PMHV1Group14 at Pauley Ball 10-16, 8-11
1 (ID)Mon7/8/20248:30 PMHV1Chix & Stix at New Life 20-9, 21-9
1 Tue7/9/20246:00 PMHV1Shotguns and Showels at Orange Square Bombers 15-4, 5-6
1 Tue7/9/20248:30 PMHV1Bat Intentions at Dreadsox 3-8, 11-9
2 Mon7/15/20248:30 PMHV1Orange Square Bombers at Pauley Ball
2 Tue7/16/20246:00 PMHV1Dreadsox at Group14
2 Tue7/16/20248:30 PMHV1Shotguns and Showels at Bat Intentions
3 Mon7/22/20246:00 PMHV1New Life at Shotguns and Showels
3 (ID)Mon7/22/20248:30 PMHV1Chix & Stix at Group14
3 Tue7/23/20246:00 PMHV1Orange Square Bombers at Bat Intentions
3 (ID)Tue7/23/20248:30 PMHV1Pirates at Dreadsox
4 Mon7/29/20248:30 PMHV1New Life at Dreadsox
4 Tue7/30/20246:00 PMHV1Bat Intentions at Pauley Ball
4 Tue7/30/20248:30 PMHV1Group14 at Orange Square Bombers
5 Mon8/5/20246:00 PMHV1Pauley Ball at New Life
5 (ID)Mon8/5/20248:30 PMHV1Pirates at Bat Intentions
5 Tue8/6/20246:00 PMHV1Dreadsox at Shotguns and Showels
5 Tue8/6/20248:30 PMHV1Group14 at Orange Square Bombers
6 Mon8/12/20246:00 PMHV1New Life at Orange Square Bombers
6 Tue8/13/20246:00 PMHV1Pauley Ball at Bat Intentions
6 Tue8/13/20248:30 PMHV1Group14 at Shotguns and Showels
7 (ID)Mon8/19/20246:00 PMHV1New Life at Pirates
7 (ID)Mon8/19/20248:30 PMHV1Bat Intentions at Chix & Stix
7 Tue8/20/20246:00 PMHV1Dreadsox at Group14
7 Tue8/20/20248:30 PMHV1Shotguns and Showels at Pauley Ball
8 (ID)Mon8/26/20246:00 PMHV1Dreadsox at Chix & Stix
8 Mon8/26/20248:30 PMHV1Shotguns and Showels at New Life
8 Tue8/27/20246:00 PMHV1Orange Square Bombers at Group14
8 (ID)Tue8/27/20248:30 PMHV1Pauley Ball at Pirates
9 Tue9/3/20246:00 PMHV1Bat Intentions at Shotguns and Showels
9 Tue9/3/20248:30 PMHV1Orange Square Bombers at Dreadsox
9 Mon9/9/20248:30 PMHV1Pauley Ball at New Life
(ID): Inter-division game