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M5-T Standings

Numbers in parenthesis (if any) represent how many of a team's losses are due to unreported scores.
1Achin' Hawgs600
2Bellevue Presbyterian411
3Team Shocker431
4The Extras260
1 Thu4/14/20226:00 PMMM7Achin' Hawgs at The Extras 22-3, 16-2
1 Thu4/14/20228:30 PMMM7Team Shocker at Bellevue Presbyterian 29-39, 4-4
2 Thu4/21/20226:00 PMMM7Achin' Hawgs at Team Shocker 25-22, 16-11
2 Thu4/21/20228:30 PMMM7Regulators at The Extras 12-22, 11-21
3 Thu4/28/20226:00 PMMM7Bellevue Presbyterian at Regulators 8-19, 14-13
3 Thu4/28/20226:00 PMHV1The Extras at Team Shocker 6-19, 7-16
4 Thu5/5/20226:00 PMHV1Regulators at Team Shocker 13-18, 10-11
4 Thu5/5/20228:30 PMMM7Bellevue Presbyterian at Achin' Hawgsrained out, rained out
5 Thu5/12/20226:00 PMHV1Bellevue Presbyterian at The Extras 15-14, 15-9
5 Thu5/12/20228:30 PMHV1Achin' Hawgs at Regulators 39-6, 22-11
6 Thu5/19/20226:00 PMHV1Bellevue Presbyterian at Team Shocker
6 Thu5/19/20228:30 PMMM7The Extras at Achin' Hawgs
7 Thu5/26/20228:30 PMMM7Team Shocker at Achin' Hawgs
7 Thu5/26/20228:30 PMHV1The Extras at Regulators
8 Thu6/2/20226:00 PMHV1Regulators at Bellevue Presbyterian
8 Thu6/2/20228:30 PMMM7Team Shocker at The Extras
9 Thu6/9/20226:00 PMHV1Achin' Hawgs at Bellevue Presbyterian
9 Thu6/9/20228:30 PMHV1Team Shocker at Regulators
10 Thu6/16/20226:00 PMHV1Regulators at Achin' Hawgs
10 Thu6/16/20228:30 PMHV1The Extras at Bellevue Presbyterian
(ID): Inter-division game