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RaG tAg - The Lime! (Summer 2019)

Division: M5

Manager: Tiger Budbill

Assistant: Josh Price

1 Wed7/10/20196:00 PMMM6RaG tAg - The Lime! at Almost Prorained out, rained out
2 Wed7/17/20198:30 PMHV1The Buzzards at RaG tAg - The Lime!L 15-6, L 15-5
3 Wed7/24/20198:30 PMHP1RaG tAg - The Lime! at Core'ked BatsW 29-11, W 10-5
4 Wed7/31/20196:00 PMHP1RaG tAg - The Lime! at K-town BooyahsL 9-21, L 19-21
5 Wed8/7/20196:00 PMHV1Playing It Hard! at RaG tAg - The Lime!L 13-2, W 13-15
6 Wed8/14/20196:00 PMMM8USCutter at RaG tAg - The Lime!L 29-8, W 12-17
7 Wed8/21/20198:30 PMHP1Expendables at RaG tAg - The Lime!L 13-12, rained out
8 Wed8/28/20198:30 PMHV1RaG tAg - The Lime! at Almost ProL 10-11, L 7-19
1 Wed9/4/20196:00 PMHP1RaG tAg - The Lime! at Almost ProW 18-9, L 18-21
(ID): Inter-division game

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