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An Eastside/Bellevue Adult Softball League
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Marymoor Field 8
Directions: From SR-520, take W Lake Sammamish Pkwy exit, turn south. Turn left into Marymoor Park. Fields are at the very end of the park.
Lights: Yes (low, downward-high pop-ups can get lost)
Outfield: Believed at about 300 feet, need to measure
Infield: Unknown (need to measure)
Foul Territory: tell me!
Backstop: tell me!
Infield: tell me!
Outfield: tell me!
Dugout: tell me!
Rain: Average
Area: tell me!
Notes: tell me!
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Field view


1 Wed4/10/20196:00 PMMM8Wolfpack at Team Shockerrained out, rained out
1 Wed4/10/20198:30 PMMM8USCutter at Trane Wreckrained out, rained out
2 Wed4/17/20196:00 PMMM8ID HIT IT at Moneyballs 28-11, 17-13
2 Wed4/17/20198:30 PMMM8Team Shocker at BC Bombers 14-2, 16-2
3 Wed4/24/20196:00 PMMM8BC Bombers at USCutter 3-36, 14-13
3 Wed4/24/20198:30 PMMM8Almost Pro at Wolfpack 14-15, 15-20
4 Wed5/1/20196:00 PMMM8The Buzzards at Silver Foxes 9-24, 5-9
4 Wed5/1/20198:30 PMMM8BC Bombers at Almost Pro 1-21, 4-16
5 Wed5/8/20196:00 PMMM8Eskimo Bros at Moneyballs 14-16, 18-23
5 Wed5/8/20198:30 PMMM8Balls Deep at ID HIT IT 14-20, 11-25
6 Wed5/15/20196:00 PMMM8Trane Wreck at Wolfpackforfeit (Wolfpack wins), 7-20
6 Wed5/15/20198:30 PMMM8Balls Deep at Moneyballsforfeit (Moneyballs wins), forfeit (Moneyballs wins)
7 Wed5/22/20196:00 PMMM8Trane Wreck at BC Bombers 17-7, 18-13
7 Wed5/22/20198:30 PMMM8Carpet To Go at ID HIT IT 5-15, 22-26
8 Wed5/29/20196:00 PMMM8Team Shocker at Playing It Hard!
8 Wed5/29/20198:30 PMMM8Almost Pro at Goose Pub 1
(ID): Inter-division game