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C6-M Standings

Numbers in parenthesis (if any) represent how many of a team's losses are due to unreported scores.
1Axia Loan Rangers310
3Nick of Time200
4Sweeney Conrad Sluggers110
7Asure Consulting, Inc.040

Axia Loan Rangers leads BeeGee's due to run differential.

HP OMFE leads Savers due to head-to-head record.

1 Mon7/8/20196:00 PMMM7BeeGee's at Axia Loan Rangers 16-11, 9-20
1 Mon7/8/20196:00 PMMM6Asure Consulting, Inc. at Nick of Time 3-11, 1-10
1 Mon7/8/20198:30 PMMM7Savers at HP OMFE 5-5, 8-14
2 Mon7/15/20196:00 PMMM7Asure Consulting, Inc. at Axia Loan Rangers 2-25, 9-12
2 Mon7/15/20196:00 PMHP1BeeGee's at HP OMFE 14-7, 19-3
2 Mon7/15/20198:30 PMHP1Savers at Sweeney Conrad Sluggers 9-10, 14-11
3 Mon7/22/20196:00 PMHV1Asure Consulting, Inc. at HP OMFE
3 Mon7/22/20196:00 PMHP1Savers at Nick of Time
3 Mon7/22/20198:30 PMHV1BeeGee's at Sweeney Conrad Sluggers
4 Mon7/29/20196:00 PMHP1Nick of Time at BeeGee's
4 Mon7/29/20198:30 PMHV1Sweeney Conrad Sluggers at Asure Consulting, Inc.
4 Mon7/29/20198:30 PMHP1Axia Loan Rangers at Savers
5 Mon8/5/20196:00 PMMM7HP OMFE at Sweeney Conrad Sluggers
5 Mon8/5/20198:30 PMHV1Nick of Time at Axia Loan Rangers
5 Mon8/5/20198:30 PMHP1Asure Consulting, Inc. at BeeGee's
6 Mon8/12/20196:00 PMHP1Axia Loan Rangers at HP OMFE
6 Mon8/12/20196:00 PMHV1BeeGee's at Savers
6 Mon8/12/20198:30 PMHV1Sweeney Conrad Sluggers at Nick of Time
7 Mon8/19/20196:00 PMHP1Savers at Asure Consulting, Inc.
7 Mon8/19/20196:00 PMMM7Sweeney Conrad Sluggers at Axia Loan Rangers
7 Mon8/19/20198:30 PMHP1HP OMFE at Nick of Time
8 Mon8/26/20196:00 PMHV1Nick of Time at Asure Consulting, Inc.
8 Mon8/26/20196:00 PMMM7HP OMFE at Savers
8 Mon8/26/20198:30 PMHV1Axia Loan Rangers at BeeGee's
9 Mon9/9/20196:00 PMHV1Axia Loan Rangers at Asure Consulting, Inc.
9 Mon9/9/20196:00 PMHP1Sweeney Conrad Sluggers at Savers
9 Mon9/9/20198:30 PMHV1HP OMFE at BeeGee's
10 Mon9/16/20196:00 PMHV1Nick of Time at Sweeney Conrad Sluggers
(ID): Inter-division game