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BB/SAA is the oldest independent adult softball league on the Eastside, proudly providing both Men's and Co-Ed softball programs since 1983. BB/SAA is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization run by a board of volunteers.

We rent fields from the City of Bellevue and King County. All of our games are played within the Bellevue and Redmond areas.

We play two seasons every year (April through June and July through September). Teams play 16 games (as 8 double-headers) each season, and umpires are provided by USSSA.

So whether you are looking for a competitive team, or just some recreational play, come see what we have to offer.

Important Announcement

BB/SAA Spring Season update amid COVID-19 concerns

All ballfields are closed until the end of May.

The league is working on a plan to determine how we proceed from here. We are looking at options, including the possibility of offering a condensed Spring season with a percentage of league fees refunded back to the teams. However, this is all dependent on field availability and mandates from the City/County and State.

More information will be communicated soon, including the rescheduling of the managers meeting/packet pick-up. Until then, please plan on the target start for all games to begin the first week in June.


Spring Season 2020

Registration is now open

Primary Day of Play Play Starts Division
Sunday April 5 Men’s Sunday (All levels)
Monday April 6 Co-Ed Upper and Lower Recreational (C3 & C4)
Tuesday April 7 Co-Ed Lower Recreational (C4 & C5)
Wednesday April 8 Men’s Upper and Lower Recreational (M4, M5 & M6)
Thursday April 9 Men’s Competitive (M2/3) and Lower Recreational (M5/6)

Detailed information about registering for the upcoming season can be found in the following document:

If you have questions, contact us at

Team Registration

Team cost - $1395.

Teams that participated in the Spring 2019 or Summer 2019 programs will receive priority through February 15th.

Registration for Individuals

BB/SAA offers the following options for Individual Registration:

Team Placement

BB/SAA will match you with an existing or newly formed team for the season. The fee for individual registration is $135 ($110 Registration Fee, $25 Admin Fee).

Sublist Only

Our sub list is a free service. Each week, managers are given your profile and contact information as someone who is willing to fill-in. They will contact you directly.


2020 Calendar

Spring season events in  silver , Summer in  blue .



Spring Season Team Registration Opens
(Priority given to returning 2019 teams until Feb 18th)


Registration opens for Individuals



Spring Season Team Registration Closes



Spring Season Equipment Pick-Up - Marymoor Park (East Side) parking lot (from 6:45pm - 7:30pm)



Spring Season Starts (All divisions)


Summer Season Team Registration Opens
(Priority given to returning Summer 2019 and Spring 2020 teams through May 8th)


No Games - Mother’s Day


Summer Season Registration Closes


No Games - Memorial Day weekend



Spring Season rain-out makeup games and playoffs (weather dependent)
- all divisions except Sunday


No Games - Father’s Day


Division Descriptions

Co-ed Weekday

Recreational: The team is a balance of newer players and those with some playing experience. Average skill level. One homerun per game, all others are outs.

Upper Recreational (C3): Teams made up of more experienced players looking for a higher level of play.
Lower Recreational (C4): Teams made up of newer players with some playing experience.

Men’s Weekday

Upper Competitive (M1 & M2): Established teams are made up of skilled and experienced players who are competition focused and play in leagues and tournaments. Three homeruns per game, all others are outs.

Lower Competitive (M3): Teams are made up of a balance of experienced and average players looking for a higher level of play who regularly play in leagues and some tournaments. Three homeruns per game, all others are outs.

Upper Recreational (M4): Teams are made up of more experienced players with average skill level. Players are looking for a higher level of play and are more competitive than the lower recreational teams. They may have the same skill level, but are more focused on winning. Two homeruns per game, all others are outs.

Lower Recreational (M5 & M6): Teams are made up of players with average and competent skill level. Players are on the field more for recreation than to dominate and win championships. There is an element of competitiveness balanced with being out there to have fun. Two homeruns per game, all others are outs.

Men’s Sunday

All-Levels (MS): Division dedicated to weekend warriors of all competition and skill levels.